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Parental Relocation Update

Written on February 25, 2019

Last year, the General Assembly dramatically altered the legal requirements in parental relocation cases which apply when one parent desires to move with a child out-of-state or more than 50 miles from the other parent. The current parental relocation law is not well-drafted. For example, at first glance, it appears that the law only applies  Continue Reading »

Contractual Provisions in Permanent Parenting Plans Are Not Always Enforceable

Written on December 29, 2016

Divorcing parents have many issues to resolve including parenting schedules, child support, health insurance and various other important matters concerning their children.  Generally, Tennessee courts will approve and enforce Parenting Plans negotiated and agreed to by divorcing parents. However, the Tennessee Court of Appeals has determined that at least one major issue – where the  Continue Reading »

Tennessee Alimony

Written on May 6, 2016

Crocker·Carter·Hall’s divorce attorneys have represented clients on both sides of alimony awards. Our attorneys have been successful protecting payor-spouses from expensive alimony obligations and, on the other side, have won long-term alimony awards for economically disadvantaged spouses. Crocker·Carter·Hall’s attorneys have also represented numerous clients in post-divorce alimony modification cases. Crocker·Carter·Hall’s attorneys have in-depth knowledge and  Continue Reading »

Spying on a Cheating Spouse

Written on February 1, 2016

At Crocker·Carter·Hall we see divorce cases where evidence exists on a growing list of apps and gadgets. Emails, texts, phone records, Facebook, etc., often leave digital trails that can be used against a cheating spouse. Getting digital evidence is best summed up by a common Facebook phrase, “It’s complicated.” You cannot, without permission, access your spouse’s computer,  Continue Reading »

Parental Relocation – What You Should Know

Written on March 6, 2015

Editor’s note:  Since this article was written, Tennessee law regarding parental relocation has significantly changed. Please read the Parental Relocation Update for the latest information. Parental relocation issues arise often in our increasingly mobile society.  The law has specific requirements when a parent moves outside the state of Tennessee or more than 50 miles from  Continue Reading »